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Pavers – Hardscape

pavers hardscape

LivingWater Paver-Hardscape Experts


Functional, beautiful and increased property values, our hardscape features enhance your property for many years to come. LivingWater designs retaining walls, pool decks, and brick paved walkways for a permanent property improvement. Our retaining walls can increase the usable space on your hillside property while simultaneously improving drainage and stabilizing foundations of existing or new construction. Our walls are faced with a variety of stone or brick.

We are sure to have one that is pleasing to your taste. A brick-paved walkway, driveway, or pool-deck can increase appeal of a landscape in a way that few other things can. Our stone or brick paving system is as durable as concrete and will not show cracks the way concrete often does. Call Us today for a new paver sidewalk or patio.

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